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Feeling the momentum!

Author: Justisia shipena, 18/06/19

The Momentum Rugby Board's Trophy League is back and the competitive spirit is alive and well among all the participants!

Ester Kamati

Windhoek High School’s Vegkop stadium is home to many memorable games when it comes to rugby and this year was no different. The stadium hosted two rugby games on Saturday as part of the Momentum Rugby Boards Trophy League and the tension on the rugby field could be felt from a mile away.

The first game saw the second rugby team of Windhoek High School and that of Moria go head-to-head, with WHS taking the win 47-5. WHS scored seven tries and Moria one.

In the second match, the WHS first team led throughout the entire game and won 70-0 against De Duine Secondary School’s first rugby team.

According to William Cookson, the captain of De Duine’s first rugby team, this was the first time they participated in a “super rugby match”, adding his side will work towards doing better in their next match.

“I learned today that my team should work harder on our defence and attack. To my team, thank you for all your hard work boys, I really appreciate it and I’m proud to be your captain,” he added.

One of the spectators, Sinead Nicole Daniel, said De Duine played well and were great competitors, but WHS are a strong team who practice every day and their hard work paid off.

James van der Westhuizen, the manager of the WHS second team, described his team’s win as a step in the right direction. “It is adding momentum to get us closer towards the quarterfinals and semi-finals and we’re working towards taking the under-19 league this year,” he said, adding that sticking to the game plan and supporting each other is what led the team to a success in the tournament.

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