Namibia Rugby

Print media celebrating 50 years of school rugby

Namibian schools rugby have been competing for 50 years on a competitive basis. From the first try in 1969 by Peters from P.K. de Villier to the winning try in 2018 by Jurgen-Leigh Human from WAP, the thrills of school rugby has always captured the crowds watching the game. 

With the rise of social media Namibia Media Holdings have been capturing these moments live on our social platforms for the past 4 years. We however do not just celebrate 50 years of school rugby but also 50 years of print media who for the past 50 years have never missed a final. NMH is proud to be part of this history. A history that have seen 173 tries in the finals, being scored from when a try when it was 3 points in 1969 to it being 5 points in 1992. Over 1500 points have been scored in school rugby finals. Celebrate with us this momentous piece of history for which all Namibians should be proud to say, "If it has not been printed did it ever happen." Long live print media and may social media take this sport to new heights.